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We represent as mandated an accountable company using well-designed administration strategies in order to deliver high quality oilfield services and products successfully…

Gondowana has three principal shareholders who are reputable South Sudanese. They fund the working capital requirements and to undertake major oil business projects…

Gondowana Petroleum Services’ objectives are to engage in an ethical, efficient and profitable business whose vision is to become the best petroleum service provider in the country…

Gondowana Petroleum Services

 is legally a registered limited company under the rules and regulations of the Republic of South Sudan. The company was established in 2012. The major shareholders decided to register this limited liability to benefit from join venture, merging, raising funds and streamlining its operations. In addition, the Firm was also designed to provide an official platform for the directors to persuade and lobby various institutions on different business aspects facilitating its activities.

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The company’s main business is Oilfield services operations along petroleum chain supply. Gondowana specialised in caring out the execution of petroleum and industrial projects, Oil and Gas field development including Pipeline, Refinery and Petrochemical services. Furthermore, the company delivers Steel Structural Fabrication and Infrastructure projects. The company is licensed to provide services to petroleum operating companies in the domestic of South Sudan and to import and export products services from/to the neighbouring great Lakes region in Africa and around the world. Gondowana Petroleum carry distribution of refined petroleum products such as Fuel, Lubricants and other general merchandise.


The Firm fulfils its activities in response to the country’s petroleum services needs by serving equitably the interest of both supplier and client. The optimum service match can only be achieved by monitoring the needs of all parties and bring tailored-made creative solutions.